The Eyas Plan to train new employees was wrapped up to fuel corporate growth

2021-07-14 20:21:17 728

With July incoming, another start approached. Then came a batch of newcomers, which lead to training for them for the year 2021. On July 6, we held a new employee orientation themed on the eyas plan. There included all onboarding fresh graduates along with the heads of associated departments.


These newcomers were enlightened about the direction of their endeavors. In detail, the management started with the expansion of warm welcome. Then Mr. Li, the head of the R&D Department, encouraged every fresh employee to ascertain who they would like to be and tap it as a driver to improve themselves constantly. By doing so, they can develop the habit of lifelong learning and hit the target. And with that, Mr. Yang, the director of the manufacturing department, strengthen the significance of learning and improvement through interaction with the new staff. Particularly, he brought forward the requirement of the focus on practicing spoken English. In the end, he extended good wishes for these eyas to strive for early success and make the company proud.


Next, Mr. Chen, the chief of the financing department, summarized the characteristics of different generations and persuaded these rookies to steer away from jumping to a conclusion about others’ characteristics. No matter what everyone is like, they have their own strength and leverage it to unleash their potential in their own area of expertise. What’s more, he interactively demonstrated the weight of logical expressions during the report. Later, the immediate supervisors of the relevant departments also kindly exchanged with these green hands and suggested they embrace hope and stay aggressive. At Yunlu, they enjoy ample opportunities to learn and make progress, which inspired these new employees a lot.


Following the orientation, a one-and-a-half-day pre-employment training was held to mainly introduce the corporate history, rules and regulations, products, as well as professional etiquette, quality and legal consciousness, and working habit. In this way, these freshmen gained a deeper understanding of the company and of the urgent role shift from being students to professionals.



Other efforts were made to accelerate the green hands to fit in the company and enhance team cohesion among them. At 9 am sharp on July 8 opened an outdoor team training for new employees. Under the leadership of a coach, they started by attending a small warm-up activity, which aroused their enthusiasm.



Then came the part of action upon instruction. Following directions such as jumping forward and turning to the left, they strove to take action as one. Under the stressful but delightful atmosphere, the wrong performers followed rules to do improv, which livened the ground up. 




Through the program, the freshmen emerged to unit together and forge ahead. It was followed by the team presentation of a chorus. With the inspiring lyric, their enthusiasm burst forth with a wide smile appeared on everyone’s face, which triggered vibrant positive vibes.




When it came to the afternoon, the green hands were supposed to attend an artillery attack prevention project and the rubber boat game. Unfortunately, the bad weather added to the difficulty of these games. However, every team stayed focused on the programs all the time, vigorously discussing every move and sticking together as one. With such a spirit, they passed the challenges remarkably through continuous exploration and learning lessons.



With plenty of sweat and joy, the training was wrapped up before everyone knew it. What awaits them is a brand new journey. We hope that everyone can pull themselves together to throw themselves into work and embrace the challenges in front of us. We wish our new colleagues to march forward courageously against all odds. At Qingdao Yunlu, let’s make progress as one family!