About May 4th Youth Cup Basketball Tournament in honor of China's Youth Day, a Glimpse of Cultural Activities for Corporate Staff

2021-08-09 19:15:31 865

China's Youth Day is set to honor May 4th Movement which broke out on May 4, 1919. It was a patriotic campaign to protest against imperialism. May 4th every year was designated as a festival by he Northwest Youth Salvation Federation of the Shaanxi-Kansu-Ningsia Border Region in 1939. When it came to December 1949, the State Council of the Central People's Government of the People’s Republic of China proclaimed May 4 as China Youth Day. The core of the campaign spirit is to pursue patriotism, progress, democracy, and science. In order to observe the festival, Qingdao Yunlu Energy Technology Co., Ltd. specially held May 4th Youth Cup Basketball Tournament to enrich the staff’s spiritual entertainment and enable them to enjoy the happiness granted by competitive sports.

The Round robin tournament involved four teams constituted by over 40 employees. The preliminary contest started in April with all these teams playing six games. After these breathtaking moments, the top 2 teams entered the final competition. Then the corporate trade union rounded off the tournament with Ji Guosheng, the president of the union, presenting awards to all players and extending congratulation.

The contest demonstrated the distinctive charm of sports and the unity and cohesion of all employees. The intense competition in the stadium mirrored Yunlu’s vigor as well as can-do spirit.